Safety is everything – at least sometimes
  • Is safety always on top of the agenda?
  • Do managers pin-point safety-KPI’s on weekly meetings?
  • Does your foreman stress the importance of wearing protective gear?

Very well then, but have you prepare for the big disasters?

Small incidents and near-misses are crucial information in order to identify the real hazards since we all know there are at least ten incidents on every accident. This is important to realize and very useful in order to make sure protective measures are taken.

But what about those rare occations with potential catastrophic consequences? The ones happening maybe once every second year and then mostly in a safe place?

Ladle break-out is not that common and mostly happens when people are not around – typically when the ladle is in the ladle furnace or other treatment positions where a liquid metal spillage is no big deal.

When it happens, though, it tends to come a few incidents in a short period of time and before you realized it they disappeard – without you finding the reasons behind. Scary.

And what if the break-out had happended when the ladle was positioned in the overhead crane. Scarier.

Or in position in the ladle turret during casting. Scariest.

This is maybe a not so likely scenario, but realistic, and the consequences will be the most brutal of them all; potential lost of lives. Our view is that these rare and rather unlikely scenarios are neglected due the fact that they are rare, despite the potentially horrifying impact.

Most people are simply willing to take the risk and put the stakes on that it will not happen on their shift. Or, to express it more controversially, it is more rewaring from a career point-of-view to follow-up on protective eye-wear compliance than to make sure that unlikely disasters never happen. Sad.

Is this really the right call, and what about you – are you ready to gamble?

Take a minute and consider this – then read more about how you can use LadleSafe to make your plant a safer place for your crew.

Hot-spot in porous plug

LadleSafe thermal monitoring system has made our clients avoid numerous ladle break outs over the years. We have now updated the system to have an even more clear view of the measurement results than before, as well as adding reporting functionality and e-mail alerts to make sure it is as beneficial as possible when put to use in your production.