Ruukki Ladle Monitoring

Read about how Ruukki monitors ladles in the ladle furnace operation to ensure a safe operation and avoid break-out.

Metal break-out during procesing is a potentially dangerous event which occurs when least expected. The liquid metal penetrateing the ladle refractory and steel sheel will not only result in major ladle damages but in the worst case scenario loss of lives may occur.

Even less dramatic events may be extremely costly in terms of damage equipments and loss of production tonnage.

The Finnish steel producer Ruukki have decided to take safety first and monitor the ladle furnace operations to avoid dangerous situations.

-“In our production personnel safety, production stability, and delivery accuracy are key elements. I believe that LadleSafe helps us to reach further on these areas in order to achieve our goals”, says Jukka Vatanen, (formerly) head of refractories at the steel plant in Raahe, Finland.

Below you can find more information about the Ruukki solution.

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