Build your production

Investments projects in the liquid metals processing area require special skills and experience. We offer technical and metallurgical assistance during all phases of an investment project.

Buy skills and experience!

To invest in larger processing equipment for liquid metals production requires special skills and previous experience from similar projects.

Without experience it will be difficult to understand the different steps and practices applied by international equipment suppliers:

  • What technical and commercial information is required during the initial pre-project steps?
  • How do I make sure the supplier quotations are comparable?
  • How should the technical and commercial buying process be outlined?
  • What is expected from you and what to expect from the supplier during the design phases?
  • What information should I share?
  • What is the consequence of obligations not fullfilled from our side?
  • How do I make sure that the supplier equipment fulfills the performance stated in the contract?
  • How do I make sure our investment fulfills the objectives presented to the management?

There is an always an obvious risk of misunderstandings and mistrust due to lack of definitions in larger technical projects, which might have a negative effect on the project outcome.

Thus, there is an increased risk that your investment will not meet your expectations, the price will exceed budget, and you will not meet the deadline.

Make sure that you take control of the project before someone else will.

Your special needs

  • The existing crew is up to over their ears in day-to-day activities.
  • There has been a long time since large processing equipment was purchased.
  • The step-by-step activities necessary to perform for a successful upgrade of processing equipment are unclear to you.
  • The new equipment needs to fit future requirements and at the same time integrate into existing production?
  • You need experience in how to handle the international metals processing equipment suppliers and get the most out of the project

Liquid metal production is complex and sometimes difficult to grasp. Upgrading of equipment in the production requires a broad understanding in processing, production, automation, and international industrial project handling.

Our offer

Our staff has life-time experience from international metallurgical investment projects in steelmaking and ferro-alloy production – both from the buyer and seller side.

We can guide you through the process and assist with the steps necessary to obtain a successful project:

  • Feasibility study
  • Technical Purchasing
  • Design phases
  • Implementation
  • Cold and hot commissioning
  • Performance testing
  • Ramp-up

If necessary we can also manage projects although this is not our focus area – we are metallurgists.

The reward

Making sure investment projects follow the foreseen path, fulfilling technical objectives and deadlines are crucial to keep project costs down:

  • Minimize the risks and make sure to get the most out of the projects – make sure overall objectives are fulfilled.
  • Lean on experience and trust that your investment is state-of-the-art and meets the requirements.
  • Stay in control and know where you are and where you are going. If not, someone else will.

How do we get started?

Are you considering altering your processing and production? Typically, a technical feasibility study including a cost estimations is good way to start. Then you know your options to make the correct decisions – we will help you.

Please contact us for a discussion of your plans.