Metallurgical Consultancy for Metals Production

We offer metallurgical consultancy services within the field of liquid metal process and production.

Our Metallurgical Consultancy Services Offer will assist you in improving your day-to-day operations and processing, resolve bottlenecks, perform troubleshooting, or act as metallurgical expertise with crucial international experience in major investment projects.

Our offer are based on our metallurgical heritage and traditions; this is our foundation.

What you get

  • Stability in production. Minimization of variations is the first step to a higher productivity and quality.
  • World class performance. We make sure that new technology and routines always meet up to world class performance.
  • An efficient, modern and attractive workplace. Make sure to attract and keep young individuals – form your team of high performers.
  • Balanced selection of technology. The processes and production requirements stipulates the technology needs.
  • Improved bottom line figures. Increased the prime tonnes output at minimum cost and maximum safety.
  • A good night’s sleep. The production manager’s good night’s sleep is the ultimate goal and our prime success indicator.

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