Build your people

Knowledge improve your organization’s skills and motivation. Metsol offers tailored operator training in metals production.

Build your staff capacity!

Knowledge is easy to carry but can you bear the load of being without?

We believe strongly in the potential of evolving your success through others growth – make sure they make the right decisions.

Scrutinize yourself

  • When was the last time your staff had the chance to develop and obtain new knowledge and a different perspective?
  • Are you convinced that your production staff holds the knowledge necessary to avoid those crucial mistakes so costly in metals production?
  • Are your engineers ready to embrace your new plans or should a special training campaign make them better prepared?
  • When was the last time you did serious training together with your staff discussing processing and production?

Our offer

We are metallurgists – we offer training in most fields of metals production as long as the metal is liquid (or just recently casted…).

Operator training is the most common request from clients. Metsol offer special courses adapted to your needs. We mix your special processing and production requirements with fundamental metallurgical knowledge, to meet the needs of the participants daily tasks.

Engineer training is typically more specialized towards a specific topic, e.g. standardized processing, logistics, and production or investment project handling, and is designed upon request.

What you get

Our course delegates gives us very positive feedback. We guarantee a more motivated staff with a new positive perspective and ready to be an even more professional employee.

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How do we get started?

Are you considering development yourself or your staff? We will help you to sort out your needs and suggest a suitable training program.

Contact us for an initial discussion.