Metallurgical Specialists Services

Our metallurgical experts have lifetime experience from metals production. This might come in handy when you seek a second perspective or an independent opinion.

Metallurgical knowledge has been conveyed from our experts to assist clients in many different cases of metals processing and production.

Can you put a price on experience?

  • Is the production or processing suffering and there is no answer to be found? Maybe time for a second opinion. Allow us to dig into your operations and find the remedy.
  • Is your multi-million dollar project dependent on the success of advanced metallurgical processing or complicated production – maybe time to allow an independent audit to ensure the technology will be feasible?
  • Are you experiencing frequent processing problems that no one seems to resolve – allow a second opinion and expert advice to ensure you are on the right track?
  • Is your product sold to those complicated metallurgists – we will assist you to sort out your selling points?
  • Is a major equipment failure making the company bleed and the insurance company representative go ballistic? Have faith, we will analyze the problem, find the likely cause, and work out a remedy.

Our offer

We offer experienced specialists in metals processing and production who can perform advanced analysis to your advantage.

If liquid metal is part of your problem – we will solve it for you. We are metallurgists.

Who are these guys?

Feel uncertain if we measure up to the task? No worries, you will not risk anything. Allow us to offer a solution where you only pay based on the outcome.

No risk and nothing to lose – what are you waiting for?

What you get

The ultimate goal of most of our projects is of course a higher productivity, higher safety and higher product quality – or a less risky road towards those targets.

Bottom line – we offer the metal production management a good night sleep with less worries.

How do we get started?

Contact us for an initial discussion. No request is too small or too big, we always welcome your call – including requests from mid-20th century school teachers…