Metallurgical Processing Services

Balance material selection and handling to increase your ladle performance and increase productivity.


  • …when was the last time that the ladle performance and handling was reviewed in detail?
  • …you accept that ladle performance could be better, but nothing is critical right now?
  • …you have no clue what we are talking about, the ladles just work?

Our offer

We are metallurgists – we realize the importance of well-functioning ladles in a high-productivity metal production plant.

The ladle fleet is more than a lubricant that keeps the metal moving towards the casting operations – it is close related to the processing operations and the plant logistics, and, represent a significant part of the operational costs.

This is a rather complex system that needs to be reviewed whenever the production or processing changes.

What you get

We will review your ladles with a processing and production (logistics) perspective to suggest actions to obtain a more well-balanced system with respect to:

  • Specific processing requirements
  • Production logistics
  • Ladle maintenance operations
  • Brickshop tasks
  • Ladle refractory configuration

A well-balanced ladle system will definitely have a higher stability with less process/production disturbances – usually at a considerably lower operational cost.

How do we get started?

Are you expecting more out of your ladle fleet? We will help you to sort out your needs and suggest suitable actions.

Contact us for an initial discussion.