Metal losses during deslagging – why?
  • Honestly, when was the last time you made an effort to minimise the metal losses during deslagging?
  • Have you surrendered to the fact that this is an industrial process with operator dependency and some variations must be accepted?

Do not get stuck there – variations will always occur, yes, but make sure to narrow them down whenever there is an opportunity. After all, you and your crew have struggled so hard to produce a prime metal product. Do not through part of it in the trash, you are burning cash! Metal yield is maybe the most sensible parameter when it comes to make an impact on the overall production economics. Make sure to keep it high.

The deslagging process operations is one source of (unnecessary) metal losses. An overenthusiastic and eager operator could easily turn a few hundred kilograms of your valuable metal to a slag phase recovery valuable. Not good. In order to fight this and make your operations even more efficient we have launched a metal loss add-on to the LadleSlag deslagging monitoring system. This will allow the operator to have an additional feedback if the metal losses start to become excessive.

The metal loss add-on will not only inform the operator. All data will be saved for future evaluation and follow-up allowing you to further train your operators and enhance productivity one notch further.

Read more about LadleSlag and check out the videos showing deslagging progress.