LEAN and Mean?

LEAN production is a methodology dating back to the 1950ies but is yet not fully implemented in liquid metals processing despite the obvious advantages obtained in other industries. This is to us a mystery that needs to be resolved.

Why do you as a manager hesitate to take your production several steps up the ladder of efficiency and product quality? There better be a good reason for this…

Ok, we agree – liquid metals production is far from a car manufactoring production line. We acknowledge this but would also like to emphasize that the LEAN fundamental principles apply regardless. These are true in any type of production, you just need to transform them into a system functioning in your daily operations.

Our experience from visiting liquid metal producing facilities is that you are not alone – very few takes the leap and those who do often fail or do not follow through. Why is this and why do we hesitate when the results are so rewarding? We believe that we have the answer to this and, more importantly, how we should overcome the initial resistance.

This is the third part in our white papers series “Get the Good Tonnes Out” on how to take the first steps toward world’s class metals production.

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