The Complete Ladle Handling Package


LadleSuite assists you as a steelmaker to obtain total control of your ladles. Ladle management and thermal monitoring/prediction will ensure a safe and efficient production.

Why LadleSuite?

  • Do you need to have a more efficient handling of the ladle fleet to save costs?
  • Have you realised that the cost associated with the ladle fleet is a major expense and the control could be better?
  • Are you concerned about the producton safety with respect to ladles?
  • Do you need a tool for tracking, control and evaluation of the ladles performance in real-time?

LadleSuite key features

As our most extensive package the LadleSuite contains three fully integrated sub-modules:


Ladle breakthrough early warning. Keep your operators safe and save your ladles and equipment in time. Read more about LadleSafe>>>


Ladle thermal status calculation. Ladle individuals trackning and real-time thermal status calculation. Read more about LadleHeat>>>


Total ladle management. Monitor all ladle activities and predict ladle fleet conditions. Read more about LadleAdmin>>>

How does it work?

LadleSuite uses state-of-the-art technology, based on thermal image data analysis, to evaluate the ladle status. Measurement stations positioned in the production flow supplies thermal image data into the system. Measured data is analysed and evaluated to determine ladle identity and thermal profile. The measurement output presente a ladle breakthrough safety level and the ladle thermal status.

The LadleSuite ladle management module is a comprehensive collection of all events and data related to the ladle handling. From ladle key production data, such as ladles average lifetime, to the refractory shop reporting details, such as last re-lining refractory details.

The LadleSuite extensive interfaces to plant systems and operators collect all necessary ladle data and events. Input is evaluated and ladle key indicators are calculated. Different user groups have dedicated user interfaces to suite there needs of viewing and reporting data.

Who is it for?

  • Ladle maintenance personnel – report activities and control the ladle fleet in production.
  • Refractory maintenance personnel – report activities and view predicted future work load.
  • Production schedulers – check ladle status and avoid scheduling flaws due to ladle shortage.
  • Technical staff and engineers – view ladle fleet performance and status. Perform a data mining of ladles and ladle fleet performance. Evaluate material tests and new practicies. Generate standard reports for regular reporting and follow-up.
  • Plant managers – follow up on ladle performance using key indicators to ensure cost control. Obtain an early warning of deviating performance and/or mishandling.

Fully integratedLadleSuite_Integration

Integration of the sub-modules LadleSafe, LadleHeat, and LadleAdmin generates several synergies where sharing and cross-reference of data opens for efficient tracking, control, prediction and evaluation of several ladle/ladle fleet key performance factors.

LadleSuite is designed to allow seamless intergration into existing plant systems (Level 1/2/3) and allows future expansion of add-ons, e.g. laser contour measurement.


LadleSuite is based on the thermal imaging technique, using infrared cameras. It is developed by metallurgists for metallurgists where the indepth understanding of your needs and your production system guarantees that the functionality needed is there and will give you added value.

LadleSuite uses TCP/IP and industry-standard protocols for data exchange between server, peripherals and external interfaces.

LadleSuite is implemented on a dedicated Windows-based server and interacts with the users via a standard Web browser interface. Simple installation and maintenance – plant wide access.