Process Monitoring of Gas-stirring


LadlePurge infrared monitoring of your gas stirred ladles (or other vessels) guarantees that the desired stirring intensity is maintained throughout the processing.LadlePurge direct measures the open eye and correlates this to the actual gas flow rate passing through the liquid metal.

Why LadlePurge?

  • Are you concerned about how much a poor gas flow control affects your product quality?
  • Are you from time-to-time experience slag overheating in your ladle furnace due to poor stirring?
  • As a steelmaker, do you experience a too high variation in reoxidation and non-metallic inclusion content?

If you associate with any of the above, LadlePurge will assist you in solving your problem.

Ladle gas purging through porous plugs

As metallugists, we acknowledge the problems associated with measurement of a gas flow passing through a porous plug – we never know how much did actually pass through the metal. This gives us constant headache which many of us experience on a daily basis:

  • Poor stirring during desulphurisation results in overshooting %S.
  • Violent stirring during floatation period resulting high levels of %Otot and NMI.
  • Poor stirring during electrical heating causes an overheated slag which jeopardizes the refractory.
  • Poor degassing due to a too low gas flow rate.
  • Typically, the porous plugs flow rate is dependent on the operators skills and willingness to monitor the process and adjust the valve settings. Unforeseen changes in the flow rate or change of set-point is not always responded to by the operators with undesired consequences as mentioned above.

Key Features

Flow rate monitoring

Constant monitoring of the gas flow rate passing through the liquid metal. The analysed value is displayed to the operator as feedback.

Flow rate feedback

Measured value may be fed back the the gas flow rate regulating valves, thus controlling the gas flow rate based on size of the open-eye. This opens for an automatic control of the gas flow rate in the different operating steps.

Poor stirring warning

A pre-set minimum flow rate can be used for ensuring a minimum stirring intensity. The LadlePurge system can then be set to alert the operator whenever the flow rate undershoots this value.

Full integration

LadlePurge is prepared for full integration into existing plant systems (Level 1/2/3).


LadlePurge is based on the thermal imaging technique, using infrared cameras. It is developed by metallurgists for metallurgists where the indepth understanding of your needs guarantees that the functionality needed is there and will give you added value.LadlePurge uses TCP/IP and industry-standard protocols for data exchange between server, peripherals and external interfaces.LadlePurge can be configured to work as a dedicated technological package or fully integrated with plant systems.