Ladle Management for Metals Production

LadleAdmin assists you as a metal producer to take control of your ladle whereabouts and events, regardless if the ladle is handled by your own personnel or a contractor. Ladle management will ensure that you track all present and historical events and covert them into key performance indicators.

Why LadleAdmin?

  • Do you need to have a more efficient handling of the ladle fleet to save costs?
  • Do you need to capture critical ladle data from your own and others actions?
  • Do you need a tool to track, control, and evaluate the ladles performance?
  • Do you need full traceability for all ladle key data?

Key features

LadleAdmin collects all data related to ladle handling – from production data in the steel plant to relining information in the refractory shop.

LadleAdmin includes functionality for tracking ladle fleet key data such as circulation time and includes a prediction feature to assist in handling of ladle exchange between steel plant and refractory shop.

LadleAdmin uses a mixed manual and automatic data input to adapt to plant needs.

LadleAdmin has dedicated user interfaces to different user groups to ensure an easy-to-use and efficient handling. Dedicated fields of input and crucial output data are tailormade to ensure the user focuses on the task.

LadleAdmin has extensive functionality for follow up and evaluation of data. Report generation allows for easy routines for presentation of key indicators

LadleAdmin is prepared for full integration into existing plant systems (Level 1/2/3).

LadleAdmin summary

Who is it for?

  • Ladle maintenance personnel – report activities and control the ladle fleet in production.
  • Refractory maintenance personnel – report activities and view predicted future work load.
  • Furnace operators – check status of the next ladle to tap into.
  • Production planners and schedulers – check ladle fleet status.
  • Technical staff – view ladle fleet performance and status. Perform a data mining of ladles and ladle fleet performance. Generate standard reports for regular reporting and follow-up.
  • Plant managers – follow up on ladle performance using key performance indicators. Obtain an early warning of deviating performance and/or mishandling.


LadleAdmin is based on the thermal imaging technique, using infrared cameras. It is developed by metallurgists for metallurgists where the indepth understanding of your needs guarantees that the functionality needed is there and will give you added value.

LadleAdmin uses TCP/IP and industry-standard protocols for data exchange between server, peripherals and external interfaces.

LadleAdmin is implemented on a dedicated Windows-based server and interacts with the users via a standard Web browser interface. Simple installation and maintenance – plant wide access.

LadleAdmin can be configured to work as a dedicated technological package or as an integrated module in the LadleSuite complete ladle management package.