Ladle Thermal Status Tracking


LadleHeat tracks all your ladles in circulation and calculates the thermal status at all times. The LadleHeat technological package supplies vital ladle information to your operators  to a precise temperature control on every heat.

Why LadleHeat?

  • Do you experience poor temperature control after tapping of your furnace?
  • Do you feel you have uncontrolled variations in the ladle thermal status?
  • Do you need a method to keep track of ladle and ladle fleet thermal status?

Key features

LadleHeat calculates the thermal status of all ladles in circulation – individually. The calculation keeps track of the ladle position and treatment. A thermal vision system identifies the empty ladles when in view and performs a surface temperature measurement in order to update the calculation.

LadleHeat presents the thermal status for any arbitrary ladle of choice at any time, either as a call from a plant production system or by an operator interaction.

LadleHeat includes several features for data mining and thermal evaluation of the ladle individuals or the complete ladle fleet. Predefined reports can be generated on demand for regular follow-up of key indicators.

LadleHeat is prepared for a full integration into existing plant systems (Level 1/2/3).

Who is it for?

  • Ladle maintenance personnel – report activities and keep control of the ladles thermal status.
  • Production schedulers – check the ladle thermal status and avoid production delays due to poor (cold) thermal status of a specific ladle.
  • Technical staff – view ladle fleet thermal status. Perform a data mining of ladles and ladle fleet to evaluate the thermal status over defined period of times. Generate standard reports for regular reporting and follow-up.
  • Plant managers – follow up on ladle performance using key performance indicators. Obtain an early warning of deviating performance and/or mishandling.


LadleHeat is based on the thermal imaging technique, using infrared cameras. It is developed by metallurgists for metallurgists where the indepth understanding of your needs guarantees that the functionality needed is there and will give you added value.

LadleHeat uses TCP/IP and industry-standard protocols for data exchange between server, peripherals and external interfaces.

LadleHeat is implemented on a dedicated Windows-based server and interacts with the users via a standard Web browser interface. Simple installation and maintenance – plant wide access.

LadleHeat can be configured to work as a dedicated technological package or as an integrated module in the LadleSuite complete ladle management package.