Jan Arthur

Jan Arthur Aune
Electric Smelting Specialist
M.Sc. (Metallurgy)

Contact data

  • E-mail: jan.aune[at]metsol.se


Jan Arthur has extensive and varied experience in all aspects of pyrometallurgical processing which includes an electric smelting step. His plant operational experience covers all traditional electric smelting applications such as the ferroalloy processes: FeSi, SiMet, FeMn, SiMn, FeCr, FeNi as well as Pig Iron, Cu/Pb/Ni-mattes, Sn, slag-cleaning and various special applications.

He is experienced in process design and electric furnace dimensioning, including basic design improvements, and has practical working knowledge of most associated technologies down- and upstream. Jan Arthur is also familiar with oxy-fuel and plasma processes and corresponding reactor technologies as well as in-depth knowledge of reactor power supply-, refractory/freeze lining- and cooling system designs.

Jan Arthur has continuous and extensive experience with working internationally (globally), both alone and as part of a team.

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