Get the Good Tonnes Out!

Are you a metal production manager? Are your experiencing that daily issues just matches what you can cope with? Do you have a unpleasent feeling that you slowly fall behind competitors?

We understand that the pressure is on from all fronts to perform and there is little or no time to reflect on longer terms decisions.

Having said that, we must also emphasize that in a longer run this approach will be detrimental to the production – eventually development work and strategies crumble and everything is handled on a daily basis without control. This is the worst of scenarios and a place you as a production manager do not want to get stuck in.

This paper, which is the first paper in a series on how to improve production and processing in metals production, gives some hands-on tips on how to build for the future: How to nurture the processing and production improvements efforts to improve your performance.

Are you really focusing on getting the good tonnes out?

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Get the Good Tonnes Out – The production managers Checklist

We have also developed a check list that the steel production manager can use as guidance in his strive to getting the good tonnes out. Download the check list below.

The steel production managers checklist