Does advanced technology work to your benefit?

Thermal camera systems have never been cheaper! The continuous price drop the last years now makes the low-range thermal automation cameras possible to compete with high-end optical cameras.

As two examples, the Flir systems A1X-series and Xenics Gobi-series are now available at very affordable prices. The low price comes at some cost, though in reduced performance: Slightly lower sensitivity, limited number of optics alternative, manual focus setting and a restricted temperature span are a few restrictions noted.

But hey, those fancy features may be possible to live without in many applications! If so, a brand new world will open up. You will be surprised how some things visualize in the world of heat radiation and information previously not available is now shown in an image and can be used for increase production safety, processing efficiency and product quality.

Check out our white paper published in the knowledge section on the use of thermal cameras in metals processing – maybe you finally a way to step-up your metals production.