Do you really need ladle management?

Ladle management system is usually not top-ten on the investment priority list due to more urgent needs.

But reconsider, at a small cost you will obtain full control and traceability on the critical events performed using the ladles.

This will boost ladle performance and make most ladle-related production issues diminish. Besides, it will be hard to find a shorter ROI. We are talking weeks not years. Software is cheap, software services even cheaper and ladle refractory and ladle related costs represents a considerably expense in your production.

So, I guess we stand corrected and rephrase our question; “Do you really need…” will be substituted by “What functionalities do you need in your ladle management system?” 

The answer you know and we can only guess. Please assist us to design a service that will make it easy for you to take control of ladle handling and associated costs. Click the link and give us your views.

(I know, questionaires stinks and is a pain in the *ss, but please give us a few minutes of your time and we will be everafter grateful!)

Click here to go and give your views!

Thank you!

Mårten Görnerup (Managing director at Metsol AB)