Agellis Group acquires Metsol’s infrared products

Agellis Group acquires Metsol’s infrared products

Agellis Group AB has acquired the product rights of Metsol’s technology packages based on infrared technology.

“The transfer of the product rights to Agellis Group will be strengthen the resources for sales, marketing, and product development which will beneficial to existing and new customers. They will now have an even stronger technology partner that understands their daily operations as well as advanced technology. This will ensure that these technologies will continue to work in order to favor all metal producers operator’s safety and plant productivity”, says Mårten Görnerup, MD of Metsol.

Agellis Group AB’s develops and manufacture electromagnetic measuring solutions for the molten metals industry. The solutions enable increased automation, increased process efficiency, and improved safety for personnel.

Please read more about this in the press release published at Agellis web site.